‘Stildernis’ is a sensory Stillness Re-Search by Dennis Moet,
see https://stildernis.nl/


“Silence is so accurate.”
Mark Rothko

Studio Claudy Jongstra
publication ‘Circulair practices’ (2017)


“True sustainable solutions are social practices.”
John Tackara

‘Strathnaver; a visual exploration in the heart of Sutherland North Scotland’ by Erika Meershoek & Dennis Moet


This lovely book pries at the mystery of place but is, at the end, content with not-knowing.
Robert Macfarlane

Andrew Elliot Forest Mill,
traditional and modern tweeds.


“How we do anything, means everything.”
Dov Seidman

Abbey Sint Benedictusberg
publication ‘Autonomous Living’ (2005)


“We must not only derive the material from our building from nature, but also the forms, sizes and method of use.”
Dom Hans van der Laan

©Dennis Moet