We breathe nature, we eat nature, we wear nature, we live thanks to nature, and we are nature. The landscape is a living-thinking container in which everything exists in relationship with one another, where connectedness and harmony manifests and the individual, space and time unite. The wild places of Scotland is where my desire to take pictures really has taken hold of me, encouraging me to spend more time outside, exploring locally and further afield. I respond to natural environments on an intuitive, sensual and emotional level. With a keen eye for the subtle, ever-changing interplay between light and landscape, chaos and order, nature and culture I like to discover and capture intimate images that are fleeting, here for a moment and then gone. There has to be a personal resonance with the sense of place. My portfolio express how I see the natural world, how I interpret what I see and experience. The search for purity and beauty with a touch of ‘wabi-sabi’ has no end and no beginning, only an elongated present.


©Dennis Moet