Something touches us when we have a bond with it. A realm in which this shows itself par excellence is the garden. I am equally charmed bij the earthy, messy do it yourself-ness of allotment gardens and the sacred, distinguished tranquillity of enclosed ornamental gardens. They are places where various senses ar stimulated at the same time and the observations respond to each other. “whoever plants a garden, plant happiness” is a wise, ancient Chinese spell. Gardening, visiting gardens and photographing gardens are inextricably linked to me. I like to spend some time in a garden, strolling and observing the shifting light and patterns, and try to fathom the different spheres of the site. The sheer beauty and total silence in many occasions is pure magic. Without fail, the making of intimate photos of gardens, the canopy of trees an the planting for me is an enriching experience. It is a quest, a dialogue, and a relationship not fixed or terminable.


©Dennis Moet