Photography is my longtime passion and part-time profession. I, Dennis Moet, am currently living in Haarlem, the Netherlands, though I was born and educated in Amsterdam. I graduated with a triple Master’s Degree in Ecology, Photography, and Teaching.
In my autonomous photo work I explore the micro and macrocosms of plants and vegetation as well as different types of gardens and landscapes. I like to just slow down, sink in, become still and take photos that capture the scene. I try to compose intimate images, preferably in the form of image rhymes / diptychs with a touch of ‘wabi sabi.’ My work has been exhibited in various galleries in Holland, Belgium, and Germany.

I also do commercial work with particular focus on crafts and skills, autonomous living, and sustainability. Some highlights are shown on my timeline. Books which include my work are available at my website GIDZ (Dutch only).

©Dennis Moet